Better Talent Management Through Talent Measurement

Date: 09.14.2010



In talent management, we are interested in getting the right people in the right roles and helping them achieve their fullest potential. But ”talent,” defined as a capacity for success, is not a guarantee of success- though Read More

A Call Center shortens interview time, improves quality of hires, and reduces training fallouts

Date: 08.20.2010




A dominant player in the global business process outsourcing industry expressed concern over cost implications in hiring and training unqualified call center agents. No success profiles have been identified as guideposts for recruitment. Further, interview questions had Read More

Providing an Enhanced PreVisor Experience

Date: 08.20.2010



As part of PreVisor’s initiative to better serve its clients, it has released several enhancements in the select2perform plat July 17, 2010. These enhancements are aimed to make PreVisor experience more pleasant to both the Corporate users Read More

A leading insurance company identified critical competencies of high performing sales representatives

Date: 07.20.2010



Hiring and developing successful employees begins by identifying and studying the profile of the individuals whose competencies and performance are critical to the organization’s current and future success. As such, the company involved in this study has Read More

Determining Return on Investment

Date: 07.20.2010



Are assessments worth the investment?

Yes. Assessment Analytics has repeatedly demonstrated that using assessments helps employers make better hiring decisions and improve business outcomes, such as increased revenue and productivity.

In addition, effective use of selection assessments can lead Read More

Maximizing Your Account’s Test Credits

Date: 07.20.2010



As Account Manager of your PreVisor Online Assessment account, there are several functions that are not fully utilized. One of these functions is the recalling of units that are UNCOMPLETED or have NOT BEEN STARTED. By doing Read More

Private: Tips on Candidate Registration

Date: 06.15.2010

Gone are the days when files of application forms and test papers pile up in the recruitment office. Now that you’ve signed up with Assessment Analytics and have integrated the PreVisor testing system into your recruitment process, Read More

Best Practices: Better Hiring through Science: Assess Skills and Competencies that Predict Success

Date: 06.15.2010



1. Executive Summary

Scientific assessment of candidate competencies and skills helps employers hire better call center agents who will stay longer. Decades of research across thousands of organizations clearly shows that valid pre-employment assessment tools, including tests, simulations, Read More

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