Building a Competency Model

Date: 02.15.2011


Screening job candidates for desired competencies pays off in higher sales and turnover.

Competencies are sets of skills, knowledge, abilities and attributes-characteristics-that enable people to successfully perform jobs.

In 1995, I was part of a team of human resource Read More

21st Century Assessments: Innovation Through Technology

Date: 01.18.2011



Today’s assessments are dramatically more sophisticated than those available just a few years ago. A variety of trends and innovations are influencing how assessments are developed and implemented by organizations. These include innovations in multimedia and psychometric Read More

Employment Testing: The Future State

Date: 01.18.2011



Although objective talent measurement solutions have come a long way in just the past few years, we expect several trends to impact the mission critical activity of “finding the best candidate for the job.”

Quality of hire takes center Read More

Do Personality Tests Really Work?

Date: 01.18.2011



Personality assessments can help reveal whether an applicant is a good fit for the job-and the organization.

Some companies use personality testing to help determine whether an applicant is a good match for a particular job. For example, Read More

Optimizing The Selection Solution

Date: 12.17.2010



A key benefit of validity and business outcome studies is that they highlight opportunities to enhance prediction of job performance. Optimization opportunities include adjusting to the weights given to individual assessment components in the calculation of an Read More

Proctored Versus Unproctored Testing

Date: 12.17.2010



What are the different test administration options?

Unproctored Test Administration – testing with no direct human supervision of the test session. Advantage: reduces resource drain on the test administrators Disadvantages: does not ensure test taker verification or eliminate confidentiality, cheating Read More

The Mechanics of a Successful Assessment Implementation: The Five Step Model

Date: 11.17.2010



Assessing the ability of potential new hires to carry out a job, prior to hiring, can save an organization substantial time and money in recruiting and development. The goal is to find out if a person is Read More

Assessment Program Best Practices & Solution Design: The Right Mix

Date: 11.17.2010



Dr. Ken Lahti, Director of Client Solutions at PreVisor, Inc., suggests that a good overall assessment program is structured to address concrete business needs while also incorporating formal decision rules. Lathi suggests that the assessment program used Read More

Reliability in Assessments

Date: 10.10.2010



Whenever the PreVisor Online Assessment is used by your organization, one of the most common questions asked by other users is the reliability of the assessment. To have a better understanding of reliability and its importance in Read More

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