Assessment Practices in Post-Hire Initiatives

Date: 07.19.2011



When organizations need to make decisions about their internal talent, including who to move into new roles or critical leadership positions, how are such decisions made? While some rely on current performance on the job, other companies Read More

Best Practices in Unproctored Testing

Date: 07.19.2011

Our best practice recommendations are driven by the results of our research and experience helping clients implement UIT solutions.

1. Document the business case for implementing unproctored testing. Like any testing related program, documentation is critically important to developing Read More

Understanding Unproctored Internet Testing

Date: 07.19.2011

What is Unproctored Internet Testing?

Unproctored Internet testing (UIT) is the administration of Internet-based tests to individuals outside a traditional test proctoring setting like a testing center. An unproctored Internet test could be completed by applicants in their Read More

Key Trends in Measuring People Intelligence

Date: 06.14.2011

The results of the 2011 Global Assessment Trends Survey highlighted a few key findings across a wide variety of HR professionals from around the world. Taken together, these results point to two key trends that should permeate Read More

Evaluating and Optimizing the Effectiveness of the Assessments

Date: 06.14.2011

What are the reasons for monitoring and evaluating our selection systems after implementation?

As jobs and job requirements change, assessment programs need to be updated to reflect these changes Monitoring results helps identify areas where administrators are not consistently Read More

Role Personality Assessments in The Workplace

Date: 05.18.2011




Organizations today are driving ever harder to demonstrate value. Business cases are scrutinized and go-to-market plans, product strategies and sales channels are investigated in detail to ensure that organisations have managed the risk in their investment of Read More

Guidelines for Best Practice in Large Scale Assessment

Date: 05.17.2011



Large scale assessment is no different from the smallest selection procedure in aiming to provide the best information possible on each individual to allow effective decisions to be made. Both should start from a clear understanding of Read More

Understanding competencies

Date: 04.07.2011



We define competencies as “sets of behaviors that are instrumental in the delivery of desired results.”(Bartram et al, 2002). In the business environment, they are behaviors that support the attainment of organizational objectives. It is important to Read More

We measure talents to predict success

Date: 04.06.2011

AAI and PreVisor’s advanced assessment products and services make it easy for you to predict employee success by identifying the best match to the essential aspects of the job. We offer various assessment products for both employment Read More

Validation and Business Outcome Study Best Practices

Date: 03.22.2011



Although, there are differences between validity and business outcome studies, many of the same best practices apply to both. PreVisor has extensive experience in conducting validity and business outcome studies dating back over 50 years. Based on Read More

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