Job Analysis as a Tool for Creating Job Links

Date: 12.16.2011



As part of the Human Resources (HR), we are aware of the importance of compatibility between the person and his position. There are several ways to determine this and one of the things that can be considered Read More

The application of job analysis information: the generation of competencies

Date: 12.16.2011


One of the most common modern uses of job analysis information is in the generation of competencies that define the behaviors, skills and abilities that an individual needs to display for effective performance within a role. An Read More

Keys to Assessment Success

Date: 11.20.2011

Frontline Leadership Crucial to Employee Trust and Productivity

As the nation and the world faces a crisis of faith in organizational leadership and jobs are being slashed daily, assessing those who manage and lead becomes critically important. After Read More

Implementing Assessments Effectively – How should I train test administrators?

Date: 11.10.2011

Effective and consistent implementation includes training administrators to follow specific assessment guidelines. Procedures should be put in place to ensure security of the assessment so that no candidate has an unfair advantage because of his/her unique access Read More

Mid-Level Leadership: Use assessment to find the right people

Date: 11.10.2011

The need to identify leaders impacts sectors: government, public and private for-profit, and non-profit.

Even with current consolidations, and people working longer or staying longer on the job, many thousands of new managers will be needed to fill Read More

Assess the 10 Essential Competencies of Effective Supervisors

Date: 11.09.2011



Supervisors make critical daily decisions that have a direct impact on all levels of an organization. Which supervisors can prioritize with minimal guidance? Do they generate visionary ideas, and establish and communicate clear goals? Ensure that you hire and Read More

Supervisor Solution

Date: 11.02.2011



If you’re thinking of promoting a staff member to a supervisory position, it’s practical to first assess their performance potential and readiness for that new role.

Assessment Analytics’ Supervisor Solution provides objective insights to help decision makers understand Read More

Benchmarking Study vs. Profiling Study

Date: 08.10.2011

In the Human Resources industry, there had been several ways where an organization tried to conduct study to justify several initiatives. Some of the tools being used are the Benchmarking Study and Profiling Study among employees. Data gathered Read More

Simulations Rock

Date: 08.10.2011

Most people don’t like taking tests. And who can blame them? Work and applying for work can be tough enough without being asked to sit still for 60 minutes or more and answer a bunch of multiple-choice Read More

Guidelines for Best Practice in the Use of Assessment and Development Centers

Date: 08.10.2011



Why should my organization use an Assessment and/or Development Center?

Many organizations recognise that selection and development procedures for their people are of paramount importance in order to achieve competitive advantage. Increasingly, they are turning to the Assessment Read More

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