The Importance of Competencies in Finding Critical Talent

Date: 03.30.2017


Hiring the best candidates and developing people are critical tasks entrusted to HR professionals. In finding the perfect fit, recruiters sometimes focus on the role itself and not on the competencies needed to perform the job. Another costly Read More

Why You Need Strategic Recruiters

Date: 06.22.2016

Why You Need Strategic Recruiters

Companies want recruiters that can do more than run an efficient process; strategic recruiters or ‘talent advisors’ will influence line managers’ decisions and help hire the right people for the job

When Read More

How to Improve Your Talent Analytics Team

Date: 06.06.2016

How to Improve Your Talent Analytics Team

Basing business decisions on workforce data is only going to become more common and more important; three steps will help HR teams produce more useful data and analysis


Senior managers Read More

Why HR Must Get a Handle on Big Data

Date: 02.18.2015

HR professionals are unclear on how talent data can enhance business performance but, as talent strategy is increasingly a top board priority, HR must remedy that.

Business success in a global tech-savvy marketplace is increasingly down to one Read More

The 6 Motivations That Characterize HiPo Employees

Date: 02.10.2015

Being successful at work is as much about motivation as it is behavior.

The most promising employees may look like high-flyers, but before investing time and money in their development, organizations must be sure that they have the necessary Read More

1 in 5 Employees Should Never Have Been Hired

Date: 11.26.2014

We asked thousands of hiring managers globally a simple question:  what percentage of hires on your team do you think are “bad” or “regretted decisions”?

“More than one in five”, they answered.  Hiring managers admit that 1 in Read More

Talent Measurement: How Metrics Help Growth

Date: 11.06.2014

Talent measurement is one of the most useful and underemployed tactics available to managers

Collecting data on employees’ view of their role, and their performance of it – or talent metrics as it’s known – provides a healthy payoff for Read More

Want More Performance From Your Employees? Agility Is Not the Answer

Date: 10.13.2014

We all know the world is getting more complex, global, networked and matrixed – at CEB we call it the new work environment. So what would you say are critical competencies to increase employee performance in a world Read More

Infographic: Develop Critical Skills at Work, Not in Class

Date: 10.07.2014

Delivering effective feedback is a common challenge for managers and employees: three-quarters of managers see employee development as integral to their jobs, but less than half of employees (45%) feel their managers excel at this competency.

Many companies leverage traditional Read More

The Best Way to Attract High-Quality Applicants

Date: 09.23.2014

This blog follows on from some of the research and insight discussed at the CEB Summit for HR Executives 2014, held 17 September in Chicago—specifically the session on “Creating a Culture of Leaders as Talent Scouts”.  Learn Read More

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