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Identify top candidates with Talent Acquisition

Talented people are an organization’s most valuable asset. Recruitment and retention is essential at any time but in the current economic climate and with real talent in short supply, recruitment at all levels is proving highly competitive. Despite this, few organizations have any objective insight into the suitability of candidates and how they might fit into a role.

Our solutions simplify the task of finding the right person for the right job–saving significant time and money. Improve your quality of hire with tools that:

  • Define roles and associated competencies
  • Provide candidates with engaging, realistic previews of role requirements
  • Scientifically identify the best candidates based on potential
  • Objectively ensure that only suitable candidates enter the selection process
  • Enable highly accurate and efficient interviews for only the best candidates
  • Align people decisions with business strategy to maximize competitive advantage
  • Provide the highest levels of security and due diligence

Volume Recruitment

With constant pressure to reduce costs and improve productivity, finding the right candidates for key roles has never been more critical. Borderless markets and the power of the Internet have combined to create a surge in application numbers – from underhand over-qualified candidates. This makes extra work for recruitment teams, while increasing the risk of sub-optimal hiring. The more applicants, the greater the risk of poor hiring decisions.

  • Efficient online application management expedites identification of top candidates
  • Realistic job previews (RJPs), multimedia assessments, and job-specific simulations help applicants determine their fit
  • Behavioral assessments link to your competency framework
  • Ability and personality tests assess a candidate’s potential to do the job and add value
  • Situational judgment tests, culture fit and values measures ensure a good fit with the role and organization
  • Skills tests measure subject knowledge

Managerial and Professional Hiring

There is a clear shortage of professional and managerial talent. Finding the right people – whether lawyers, accountants, salespeople or managers – increases productivity across the organization. Management hires are critical for achieving success through people, but they also come with a high degree of risk. Poor appointments can reduce morale and increase attrition across previously high performing teams. Great managerial talent drives performance: finding true leaders is essential.

  • Define role requirements with the SHL Universal Competency Framework: overarching structure for defining competencies for all jobs, at all levels, in all industries, across all countries
  •  Identify future leaders by evaluating multiple competencies (coaching, decision-making
  • Match manager candidates to the job and organization
  • Use SHL assessments to measure team leadership capabilities
  • Align people with strategy to drive business outcomes
  • Pinpoint high-potential leadership talent

Graduate and College Hire

College graduates are the customers, employees and investors of the future. Attracting the best improves an organization’s performance and promotes its brand. While each summer sees a fresh group join the workforce, competition for the best is always intense. Making the right judgment means looking beyond educational qualifications, which are not necessarily predictive of success, to focus on true potential. Success tomorrow depends on finding the right college graduates today. Selecting the best talent from the ever-expanding pool is demanding – and essential.

  • Realistic job previews provide engaging, predictive introductions to the role and company
  • Positive candidate experiences enhance your employer and consumer brand
  • Sophisticated online assessment tools help you objectively screen, select and hire the right candidates
  • Innovative online assessments evaluate critical competencies for success
  • Smart selection puts the right people in place to deliver your business strategy
  • Maximizing quality of college hires improves return on investment