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Navigate the Talent Measurement Landscape with our Consulting Services

Our wide range of Services can help you assess your talents’ strengths, areas for improvement and preferences that play a significant role in your organization’s progress and ensure business continuity through an effective succession plan.

High-Potential Identification (HiPo)

High-potential (HIPO) employees are critical to your organization’s current and future success. They are the key players you want to identify and develop to power your organization.

CEB research shows that HIPOs are 91% more valuable than non-HIPOs. But today’s reality is that 73% of HIPO programs are failing to deliver business outcomes or ROI. So what needs to change to achieve HIPO program success?

The best companies use predictive measures to identify true high-potentials, compare them against the competition and develop them through on-the-job learning to drive performance impact.

  • Accurately identify HIPOs by measuring the factors critical for success.
  • Assess your competitive talent positioning and focus development spend.
  • Enable efficient and scalable on-the-job learning with performance impact.
  • Apply best practice insights and tools to sustain the impact of your HIPO program.

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Assessment and Development Center

Our Assessment and Development Center, allows for both evaluation of current performance and determination of the participants’ future needs, which if met, will allow a participant to move to higher levels within their organizational hierarchy after further training and/or development.

Participants are observed and assessed throughout the period that they are at the Center, and a written report is prepared by a team of trained observers.  The report made on the participants is a summary of their performance on all the exercises undertaken during the program, and it identifies the strengths and weaknesses and makes recommendations about participants’ future training and development needs.  This report is discussed with each participant either at the end of the program or very soon after the program is completed.

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Competency Profiling

Through our Competency Profiling program, Assessment Analytics can help organizations identify the knowledge, skills, abilities and competencies people need to perform their work well.  We use a systematic process for collecting information about the work performed and the work environment, which results to a description of the job as well as profiles the competencies people need to be successful in their role and in the organization.

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Assessment Analytics also offers an enabling program in the form of a 3-day certification course on “Competency Development Design and Job Analysis.” To learn more about the course, click here.

Success Profiling

Employment branding begins by identifying and studying the profile of the person whose competencies and performance are critical to the organization’s current and future success.  As such, companies have initiated the development of a ‘competency framework’ based on their analysis of the factors and behaviors that differentiate performers from marginal employees.  By focusing on these areas, the organization is able to select the right people for the right jobs, build the competencies and adopt other HR strategies that propel individual and organizational performance.

On the organizational level, the conduct of Success Profiling or Internal Performance Benchmarking Study (IPBS) will establish initial standards for your organization. The findings of this research will be valuable inputs for competency identification, recruitment, training and career development systems. Using SHL online assessment technologies, the Benchmarking Study will be designed to enhance predictability of performance by more clearly identifying critical skills and characteristics that differentiate performers from non-performers.

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360° Feedback

Our 360° Feedback utilizes the online Multi Rater Feedback System (MFS) from CEB and offers organizations a structured, in-depth perspective on performance and potential, based on the ratings of colleagues, peers, managers, and/or clients.

Having a more objective and broader perspective on performance helps place people where they will be most effective.  It also empowers employees to take ownership of their career development and ensures they focus on the areas where they add most value. It will give your organization a clear view of an individual’s or team’s performance based on the people who know and work with them. The value of a 360 program lies in their power to bring about changes in employee behavior for competitive advantage.

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Feedback Interview

Assessment Analytics strongly recommends a conduct of Feedback Interviews to candidates, especially for personality assessments, to validate results and to uncover other relevant information about the candidates.

Assessments Analytics understands that some of its clients may not have the time and resources to conduct their own Feedback Interviews or may feel a need to hire third-party consultants to conduct the session.  As such, Assessment Analytics offers a package for Feedback Interviews to be conducted after the online assessment is given.  The session normally runs for one to two hours.   A Debrief Report will be prepared based on the results of the assessments and the Feedback Interview.

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