CEB’s ROI Calculators validate the impact of using the predictive assessments of SHL Talent Measurement solutionsDiscover the difference they can make in your organization by inputting your data in the calculator below. The Performance Calculator can do the following:

  • Accurately estimate potential financial gains from improving quality of hire using predictive pre-employment assessments
  • Provide simple and conservative estimates for the value of high performance based on average salary

Step 1: Enter the approximate number of hires expected in the coming year 
Step 2: Enter the average employee tenure (in months) 
Step 3: Choose an approach for your assessment process 
Step 4: Enter average employee salary 
Step 5: Enter number of applicants you plan to assess per hire using the process selected in Step 3 
If you have questions or would like more information on our ROI Calculators, please contact us online.