Last March 18, 2016, the Assessment Analytics family, including its Board of Directors and senior consultants, flew to Cebu to celebrate a milestone — their 10th Anniversary!  Held at the Marriot Hotel, they gathered for a momentous night of celebration and thanksgiving.


L-R: Ms. Dette Aruego (Managing Director), Atty. Mitch Suarez (Corporate Secretary), Ms. Anita Rodriguez (Accountant), Mr. Bebot Congco (Board Member), Louie Galvez (Board Member) and wife, Ms. Udit Galvez, Atty. Boy Feria (Chairman of the Board)



The Consultants together with Ms. Dette Aruego and Ms. Carol Narciso.

Mr. Louie Galvez congratulated everyone for 10 years of success in the business in his brief yet inspiring opening remarks.  Afterwards, Dette gave a presentation on the company’s highlights for the last 10 years. It was a nostalgic moment for everyone to look back on the memories which they shared together. The AAI family came to acknowledge that they’ve come this far by being united together as one team with one goal. They call themselves the “AAI Tribe” because of the fact that a tribe consists of family members having each other’s backs and that’s exactly what continues to build this organization—they thrive in the fact that they stand together as one unit. To prove that comradery, just before dinner was served, the AAI Tribe (all of the staff) gave a special presentation wherein all of them danced for entertainment.

Screenshot 2016-04-08 08.34.36

AAI’s Staff Performance






Not only the audience but also the staff enjoyed performing even if they may have looked silly doing it. Everyone was just in the mood for celebration!

After dinner, the management gave out service awards for those who rendered their service and loyalty to Assessment Analytics for 3, 5 and 7 years. Each received a service award pin, a certificate of appreciation and monetary reward for all their hard work over the years.


Mr. Ernesto Congco and Ms. Carol Narciso awarded Mr. Mateo Arias for 7 years of service.

“Funny Awards” using The Oscars as the theme were also awarded.  Everyone had a good laugh at all the silly titles, and even the managers were not spared.


The Three Musketeers awarded to Mr. Christian Laguador, Mr.Mark Unciano, and Mr. Mateo Arias for always sticking together and scheming funny antics.

Screenshot 2016-04-08 08.33.38

Ms. Carol Narciso awarded with the Fast and Furious title for driving a little too fast and furious at company outings.

After giving the “Funny Awards”, it was already time to crown Mr. and Ms. AAI! To be fair, everyone looked stunning that blissful night but only 2 had to be chosen. Of course the employees who were crowned as Mr. and Ms. AAI were none other than the stunning hosts of that special evening – Mikko Villanueva and Kath Tamayo!


Ms. Kathrine Tamayo and Mr. Mikko Villanueva crowned as Mr. and MS. AAI 2016.

The Chairman of the Board, Atty. Boy Feria, gave a sweet closing message to everyone and  expressed how  proud he was of everyone for making it this far.


Chairman of the board Atty. Boy Feria with Managing Director Ms. Dette Aruego.

Everyone was just all smiles throughout the trip and not wanting to leave the city so soon. Even good things must come to an end but AAI Tribe’s journey does not stop here. They believe that 10 years is just the beginning of many more thrilling decades to come!


The whole AAI Tribe.