Friday, February 12, 2016 — As part of its Valentine’s Day celebration and social responsibility in the community, the AAI team spent its morning with kids from The White Cross Orphanage in San Juan.

The day started off with a morning exercise, then a clown played games with the kids. They were awed as a magician entertained them as they were having lunch.

The AAI team may have given the kids loot bags and donations, but these cannot compare to the heartwarming smiles and hugs the kids gave them.

The White Cross Orphanage is an organization that acts as a temporary shelter for foundlings, lost and abandoned children, as well as children of unwed mothers, indigent families, prisoners, victims of rape, or mentally, physically-incapacitated parents.

To know more about The White Cross Orphanage and how you can help them, you may check this website.

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