Assessment Analytics, Inc. (AAI) is the partner of choice of assessment solutions in the Philippines. We deliver world-class products and services that support people decisions throughout the employment lifecycle, from talent acquisition to talent mobility.

AAI is the exclusive distributor of SHL Talent Measurement solutions from CEB in the Philippines.

Brainbench Philippines was founded on 2005 and was the exclusive country distributor of Brainbench online assessment tools. In response to the acquisition of Brainbench by PreVisor in 2007, Brainbench Philippines has been renamed to Assessment Central, Inc. and further renamed to Assessment Analytics, Inc. (AAI). AAI became the authorized distributor of PreVisor talent measurement solutions in Southeast Asia.

In January 2011, SHL and PreVisor, two of the largest talent assessment pioneers, merged to become SHL, the global leader in talent measurement. Then in September 2012, CEB acquired SHL.

Assessment Analytics, Inc. is now the authorized distributor of SHL Talent Measurement solutions from CEB in the Philippines.

Our Customer Promise

Our Customer First engagement model puts you at the heart of everything we do. We promise to understand your core business drivers, define realistic measures of success, measure and collect relevant data, evaluate the success of the project and promote this success to your chosen stakeholders.

Our approach is to

  • Ensure anticipated outcomes are realized
  • Help your internal stakeholders recognize the value of your investment
  • Create a positive cycle of continuous improvement